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We work as wealth management advisors, assisting clients in addressing their overall financial objectives by using an integrated approach. With our clients interaction we work to define their values and risk tolerance in order to assist them in pursuing their financial objectives. We integrate the financial and psychological components for each client’s unique plan.

Our goal is to assist our clients with Life Planning. We begin by focusing on our client’s investment strategy and assess the tax consequences of any changes in their investment strategy. Asset allocation is the cornerstone of our strategy. Over time, we address the other areas of planning such as asset protection, disability, elder care, income planning and estate management.

Open communication and disclosure is important for us to fully assist our clients. We encourage client communication and interaction. We work to create a system of communication that meets each client’s needs and expectations. Communication may be through the telephone, electronic communication, mailings, meetings, educational seminars or a combination of all of the above. We ask that clients share their preferences to better meet expectations.

Everything shared with us remains completely confidential unless we are given explicit permission to share information with other advisers (most frequently lawyers and accountants) and/or family members.

Our staff is an integral part of our ability to maintain a high level of client service. We believe in constant education of our staff. Each person on our staff serves a particular niche or role. We work as a team to deliver quality service.

We believe clients should have an active role in their planning. We may ask to speak with other advisers in order to give clients our best advice. We ask that clients feel free to share this information.

We believe in the value of strategies, organization and communication. We strive to give clients quality service and always want to know how we can better serve our clients. We are vested in our client’s financial success.